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Creating a Culture of Self-Reliance: Step 13

It's time for your family to be thinking about preparedness as a natural part of their everyday lives. This can mean very simple things such as noticing when something you are in need of is on sale. This month you should see great deals on bath and body products and camping and outdoor gear. Some retailers offer huge discounts on products in store and online. Someone in the family may take on the role of investigator and search for those deals. Why not have amazing smelling soaps and lotions in your stash for the same price as the bargain brands.

Think cooking off grid and purchase a Dutch oven or two and the lid lifter and high heat gloves to go with them. What about a camp stove or roasting forks for roasting marshmallows or hot dogs over a fire? What items could you add that would make a great Father’s Day gift?

As you consider Father’s Day think of those who you would love to be preparing who are not. Maybe your own father or your grown sons who are fathers could be encouraged to begin thinking of preparing if they received a Dutch oven or roasting forks. I bet there are a lot of fathers you know who love to grill and would enjoy the challenge of mastering a Dutch oven.

Why not purchase some roasting forks or a pie iron to bring as a hostess gift to the Fourth of July celebration? Think Christmas and purchase preparedness items while they are on sale this summer, or clearance at the end of summer. Can you imagine how it would have relieved tensions during the Texas freeze to be able to roast hot dogs on forks and make desserts or hot sandwiches in a pie iron?

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