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Foil Dinners


It is best to use heavy duty foil for a foil dinner, since it will be less likely to be punctured. If you use thinner foil, use two pieces. Heavier foil also helps prevent the food from burning.

The sauce you use and the steam created will cook your meal.

To prepare a foil dinner place a variety of the following in the middle of the shiny side of a large piece of aluminum foil:

  • Meat-such as hamburger, steak, chicken, or kielbasa. Chicken should be removed from the bone and sliced to ensure it cooks completely.

  • Potatoes-sliced or cubed for faster cooking.

  • Vegetables-carrots, onions, beans, peas, corn, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini or any other vegetable that you like. Carrots, peppers and onions should be cut into smaller pieces to reduce cooking time.

  • Sauce- foil dinners can dry out if you don’t add some type of sauce. This could be canned soup (don’t add water), catchup, barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce or even Italian dressing.

  • Seasonings- if you still want more flavor you could add taco seasoning or barbecue seasoning or any favorite spice from the cupboard.

When you are finish creating bring the long ends of the foil together above your food and roll over two or more times. Keep folding down almost to the level of the food. Then roll or fold the open ends of the foil towards the middle. Cook the dinner by placing a few coals under it and a few coals on top. Use barbecue tongs or a shovel to place the coals. It only takes a few coals, more and your dinner could burn.

Your dinner should only take 15 minutes to cook. Check it carefully by unrolling and testing with a fork. BE CAREFUL when opening as the steam will be hot!!

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