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No More Dollar Stores?

Yesterday Dollar Tree executives announced they will be raising prices to $1.25. This is a 25% increase in price. If you spent $10.00 you will now spend $12.50, a substantial increase.

General Mills (GIS) notified retail customers that it’s raising prices in mid-January on hundreds of items across dozens of brands. They include Annie’s, Progresso, Yoplait, Fruit Roll-Ups, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charm’s, Wheaties, Reese’s Puffs, Trix and more. Some prices will go up by 20%. A box of cereal that was $4.00 will now be $4.80.

Tyson Foods — the second-largest meat and poultry producer in the United States — is raising prices to deal with the “accelerating and unprecedented inflation”.

Tyson chief executive Donnie King said,“I can’t think of a single thing that has either stayed the same or gone down.” They can no longer sustain the increases and thus have to pass them along to consumers.

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue told Fox Business that “inflation is here to stay at least for a good while and everybody has these costs.” He noted packaging materials “have gone way up” due to the supply chain crisis, while labor shortages force the company to operate “with less people.”

Nestlé the world’s largest food and beverage company increased prices by 2% to offset cost increases of 4%. More is to come.

Conagra Brands Inc said on it would increase prices again on its frozen meals and snacks to help cushion the blow of higher inflation. They produce 68 brands which you will know. A few are: Banquet, Bertolli, Birds Eye,Celeste, Chef Boyardee, Dennison's, Duncan Hines,

Healthy Choice,Hunt's, Libby's, Log Cabin, Manwich, Marie Callender's. I could go on but you get the idea.

The big question, Do you have a three month supply of food? If not now is the time.

Consider giving food storage as a gift this year. Look at the list of possibilities from just these few companies.

Dollar Tree: cleaning supplies, soap, toothpaste, groceries, all make good gifts.

General Mills: a Case of Progresso soup and boxes of Bisquick.

Tyson:Ball Park franks. Add ketchup, mustard and relish.

Goya: A variety of sauces and marinades or a case of beans and corn, or there are so many products here.

Nestles: Butoni pasta and sauces, or hot cocoa mix and Toll House chocolate chips.

Conagra: Quick meals: Manwich, Wolf's or Dennison chili and Pork and beans.

Look for sale prices now as you may not see them again for a long time, if ever.

Food storage gifts can be fun and much appreciated by those on a budget or those just beginning their food storage adventure.

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