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Not Again Facebook!

If you have been following our saga on Facebook you know we have been blocked out of our account for the past five days with only sporadic access. We have noted for months increased hacks at Facebook from domestic and foreign hackers. We have noted increased numbers of accounts being blocked or taken down by Facebook, even some preparedness sites. We have noticed more and more of our personal friends and Totally Ready friends moving away from Facebook. We want to be able to provide information, instruction and encouragement during normal times as you prepare but also during a crisis. We hope you will take the time to explore this site and to share it with friends and family on Facebook, other social media or thru email. If you have a need for specific information as you prepare please let us know. Unfortunately inflation, drought conditions, world conflicts, higher interest rates and more are increasing and it is more important than ever to prepare, share information and work together.

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I found you all on Fb last year but deactivated my account shortly after. I think that preparedness pages are unfairly judged by Fb as being "far right" and taken down for that reason. I can't stand Facebook.

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