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On To Distribution

Please Do Not send any more ornaments. We will post new locations as soon as we have them in place.

This year....

2, 531 family packs of ornaments all of which exceeded our original goal of 12 ornaments per family

36,162 ornaments collected

48 states, Canada, Ecuador, China (individuals in foreign service) and Refugees from Ukraine contributing ornaments

Imagine how many lives you have touched and brought hope and joy to this Christmas season. Remember you served 2,531 families but those families were rarely one person but many in the household.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for joining our Operation Ornaments family and making this happen. THANK YOU to Laura, Beth, and Imogene for the hours of work collecting and packaging ornaments and working with organizations to distribute these gifts of love.

Now on to distribution!

We have seen that some who are here are not making ornaments but love what we are doing. We do have ongoing expenses which unfortunately, like everything else, are increasing. If you would like to lend financial support please visit our Go Fund Me page. We are now a 501(c)(3) making all donations tax deductible.

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