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Wednesday's Weekly Food Storage Challenge

Food - Week 47: Canned Evaporated Milk & Oil(s)... Fats

Thanksgiving baking sales are happening at your local store. This should include canned evaporated milk. Stock up now by purchasing 8 cans per family member.

I realize you may not normally use canned milk, but it is great to have it on hand for times when reconstituting powdered milk is not an option. Canned milk also contains fats that are crucial for toddlers. It makes great mashed potatoes and makes powdered milk taste more like the real thing.

If you are lactose intolerant add some boxed milks such as almond or coconut to your General Store shelves. Again remember they don’t count as dairy so if you can take Lactaid do it and eat dairy. Please remember that soy is not good for you since soy is now an additive in almost all of our foods. We are now exposed to too much soy and it is creating health problems. Soy increases hormone levels and is terrible for anyone dealing with a thyroid problem. If you are currently drinking soy milk please change.

While we are thinking fats remember fats are important in a balanced diet. This week add oil to your General Store. We all use different oils and have opinions on which are best so I'll leave the choice up to you. Remember way....back when I asked you to mark your oil, ketchup, shampoo, etc. to determine how much you use? Now is the time to use that information when adding oil. I know sites tell you to store gallons and maybe you use gallons. I probably use a gallon or a little more in a year. I just don't fry foods and don't make salads using oil, you may. So, add a gallon of oil to your stockpile this week. I store in smaller bottles since I use it sparingly and oil spoils more quickly after opening. Remember our goal is three months, not a year. If you are storing for a year, add more.

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