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Wednesday's Weekly Food Storage Challenge

Food - Week 48: Seasonal Bargains

Seasonal bargains such as cranberry sauce, pumpkin, French fried onions for green bean

casseroles, and marshmallow fluff, should still be on sale at the beginning of this week. This is a week to add these comfort foods that are on sale now. Raid that cash stash we have been encouraging. Imagine being able to make a green bean casserole or other favorite holiday food during a crisis.

Be sure to store honey, shortening, molasses, powdered sugar, and brown sugar this week. Any ingredient you use in your holiday baking. Buy one for this year and one for your General Store.

Last Thursday we reflected on our blessings. I have so many. I am thankful for many, many things and one of them is being prepared, really. We have had challenges over the years and we have always had food storage for times of limited or no income. We have had car kits when we have been stranded. We have had ways to cook, stay warm, and provide light during power outages. I have tried to help others become prepared so they too can thrive, not just survive a challenge as one comes.

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