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2021 Preparedness - Dual Focus: Week 44

Food - Week 44: Grains

This week we'll be adding another 6 lbs. of grains (per person) to our food storage.

Remember to add grains that your family enjoys, but also remember that appetite fatigue can happen even with our favorite foods, so make sure you have a variety of grains to mix it up. Children and older adults will often refuse to eat if they become tired of a food - again appetite fatigue. Inventory to be sure you have a variety of grains as this is our last week to store grains.

General Store - Week 44: Glow Sticks

We have told you to try to follow the storage plan as we have it outlined because we do plan for times when items are most likely to be on sale in stores - like this week you should find the item on sale. Also sales will also be starting online as people prepare for stocking stuffers.

This week we are storing glow sticks. When purchasing glow sticks look for those good for at least 8 hours and glow either white or yellow. If the green ones are really a steal of a deal go ahead and get some but they will not glow as brightly.

Glow sticks are perfect for nightlights and are safe for children to use. I have glow sticks in every room in my home for the times when the power fails. I don’t want to be scrambling in the dark looking for a flashlight.

Next Halloween or on your next trip to an amusement park rotate your stash (the stash you'll buy this week.) Glow sticks are the perfect way to keep track of kids at night while on vacation but are even more valuable to keep track if you are housed in a shelter during weather or other disaster events.

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