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2021 - Week 2 Challenge

Don’t get distracted! Right now I am getting so many notices concerning “great sales”, “for a limited time”, “best deals now”. Are you getting those as well? I make a it habit not to open any of them because I do not want to get distracted from my goal to be better prepared in some areas and to rebuild the preps I have used during the pandemic. Do not allow yourself to be tempted.

Imagine an extended power outage. What will you wish you had prepared? Imagine a layoff or job loss. What would have been important to prepare? Imagine a house fire, medical emergency, earthquake, civil unrest. How comforting would new clothes, a new rug, new device or wall décor really be when you are worried about feeding your family. How comforting to know at such times that your cash could be used for paying bills because you had food to feed your family. Don’t get distracted.

Week 2 Food

Add 5 cans of fruit per family member to start on a three month supply or purchase as many cans of fruit as you are able on your budget. One can, per person will give you a three month supply for your entire family and not just a few of you. If you are a lover of frozen fruit a one pound bag equals 2 (14oz.) cans. Remember the fruit included in main courses, side dishes, and desserts and well as just eaten out of the can so store fruit also used in all the other applications.

Week 2 Store

This week we are storing disinfectant wipes. How many tubs do you use each month? Consider how many more you would need should you be without water. After most weather disasters there is no safe water for days or weeks. When the power goes out water treatment plants are affected and after a few days water supplies become unsafe. We have learned that during a pandemic or a tough flu season surfaces need to be disinfected several times a day. Purchase several containers this week.

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