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2021 - Week 8 Challenge

This week I received a few comments on paper plates I wanted to share. The first came from someone in Texas whose power was out for several days and in addition their water was as well. No one saw this disaster as a real possibility except those who have been studying disasters and preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. This Texan said she had never thought about paper plates and had not considered them a necessity until last week when washing dishes was impossible and even with water would have been a chore she would not have wanted to add to the other tasks necessary to keep her family safe from the low temperatures.

The second comment I received this week was from a friend who went to Costco to purchase the items on our list last week, grains and paper plates. She was shocked to see she was limited to one package of paper plates. With the situation at the docks, bad weather, and supply chains a mess we will see more of this. Higher value products are the ones more likely to be shipped sooner than lesser value ones.

Week 8: Food

Store Ginger Ale and Herbal Teas. We recently discovered ginger beer. We have had this in the past but it was very strong so we were a little hesitant but I knew I needed something with real ginger in it. It is amazing. We are now storing that. Purchase one and try it before purchasing several for your General Store.

Treating illness and remaining healthy do not always require medications. There are many things we can do to remain healthy or to restore health through the things we drink, such as herbal teas and ginger ale. My nana always gave me chamomile tea when I was ill and needing a good nights’ sleep. I still drink it when I need to calm down before bedtime. Be sure to check the ingredients when purchasing teas. They are not all created equal.

Ginger ale will settle an upset stomach. Keep some on hand for flu season or an upset stomach. When purchasing ginger ale check the label to be sure it contains real ginger not just flavoring. Many ginger ales will list real ginger on the label but check the ingredient list. Often there is no real ginger even though it is labeled as having it in the drink.

This week learn about medical uses for ginger ale and herbal teas and then store several varieties of tea.

Week 8: Store

You probably guessed paper cups would be the addition to our General Store shelves this week. Use the same formula you used last week to calculate the number of paper cups to store. Again, I would stick with paper and at least some of them should be the heavier paper used for hot drinks. The plastic cups are great but cannot be burned without causing a health hazard. Be sure you have a few permanent markers on your General Store shelves for marking cups so a cup can be used for an entire day.

However, do not count on one per day as you prepare because if your emergency is a pandemic or other health crisis, you should understand that now, you will want to dispose of cups after every use. Calculate three per person per day. You may want to get the cheaper variety for some of your stash to be those that you designate for one time use.

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