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2022 Preparedness - Part 2: Week 29

Week 29 July 25th

We have discussed finding a side hustle but what about a job. Right now, many employers are desperate for help. You can often design your own hours. Just work one day a week or just a four hour shift instead of 8 or work from home. If a recession worsens you will be in a great position to continue working when others are losing jobs.

Time to make a list of the things that bring you and your family members joy. Do you love to read, hike, camp, bake, craft, woodwork, refinish furniture, swim? Do you love history or science? Now that you have a list it’s time for a second list. How can you do those things cheaply?

Love to read, go to the library and discover new titles and it is air conditioned. Love to work with wood? Put those skills to work and build a free lending library box for the yard and serve the community with free books. As people add to your library, you get a new book to read. Why not build a few free libraries and make some money selling them? Go to building sites and ask if you can have the wood scraps for your projects.

Do a little research and discover historic sites near your home. Do science experiments at home with things you have around the house. Search science experiments at home on the internet for ideas and instructions.

Love to refinish furniture? Sell your skill and refinish for others. Pick up furniture on a free cycle site or along the roadway, they are free, and then sell them.

Be creative and teach the skills and hobbies you love to your children and/or grandchildren.

Anything that brings you joy you can do for cheap or free with just do a little research. For more fun ideas for things to make this summer fun on a budget check out Pack Your Bags: We're Staying Home.

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