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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 38

Week 38 September 26

Bed sheets are often thrown away when moving or when the kids leave home and we convert their room to a guest room with a queen size bed. Sheets are a good resource during an emergency. Fold them and stash them under a bed or n the attic to use during an emergency, freeze, or medical emergency.

· protect gardens from frost

· use as a weed cloth

· cut into strips for bandages

· cut into large squares to make a sling

· make into baby sling

· cut into a square to use as a face mask to protect from smoke and dust

· make privacy screens in rooms where someone is sick

· make a privacy screen around a port-a-potty

· make a privacy screen around an outdoor shower

· use to block a hallway when trying to keep a room warm in a power outage

· drape over a table during a cold weather outage to create a tent to sleep or play under

· place over a window to block the sun

· filter debris from water to be purified

· use as a cloth to stack items on that have been recovered from a destroyed home

· cut large square place rice in center and tie ~ heat for use as a heating pad

· cover old pillows to use for pets you are sheltering

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