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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 12

March 22nd

Waste Not, Want Not. Remember mom or grandma giving that advice? It is as important to remember today as it was during the great depression and world wars.

Did you know the amount of laundry and dishwasher detergent recommended on the packaging is actually more than you need to get items clean? Manufacturers often recommend more than necessary (for obvious reasons), so experiment to find out how little it takes to do the job. This applies to cleaning supplies, fabric softener liquid and dryer sheets, shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel, and so on. Experiment! Make it go farther. Don't wash your money down the drain.

A few more money-saving tips for laundry.

Learn to Launder

There are so many ways to get stains out of clothes. Do a little sleuthing on the internet and follow the instructions. How many times have we reclassified stained clothing as only good for “work” or “painting”, when in fact, we just didn’t know how to remove the stain. The important thing to remember in removing stains is to act quickly. Stain sticks will help with almost any stain on washable fabrics. If you have young children, keep a stain stick in the car. Or, if you or your loved one is just plain unlucky with stains, keep a stain stick at work and in the glove box.

Air Dry Your Laundry

Remember the days when everyone had a clothesline in the yard? The clothes always smelled so good after being dried outdoors. It may take a little time but will save considerable money over the course of a year. This is especially true if you have to dry clothes at a Laundromat. OK, in some seasons, this might not be possible – but when you can do it – why not? Drying on the line also helps preserve the fabric. Do you know all the lint in your dryer? That lint is a particle of fabric weakening the fabric.

Dye Your Clothes

As clothing begins to look faded and worn, dye it. Dying will give your clothes added life and can be used on most fabrics. This works especially well on solid colors when dying clothes to restore the original color. Changing colors may not always be so successful... Check the directions for fabric information. If items have small stains, try dying them a darker color than the original. You might be surprised at how good your clothes can look again.

Vinegar is your Friend

Add vinegar to the rinse cycle rather than fabric softener. Your clothing will not smell like vinegar! Vinegar not only eliminates chemicals but also helps preserve your washer as it fights hard water.

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