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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 37

Sept. 13, 2023

Have you heard of a fire blanket? While this may not be as inexpensive as Mylar blankets they are not out of reach for most families. They are cheaper than fire extinguishers, less messy, and do not need to be recharged. I have them from $9 to over $30 depending on the size. Fire blankets can be used to extinguish fires on a cooktop, a campfire, a boat, a fireplace, and even good to wrap around someone who has clothing on fire. As we prepare on a budget stock up now. Keep one near the kitchen, laundry room, grill, campfire, etc. There are some things you buy and hope you never need. A fire blanket is one of them. A fire blanket is a fast, less messy way to extinguish a fire, and is easy to use. When a fire breaks out covering it with a fire blanket smothers the flames.

A fire blanket can help you escape from a fire, holding the blanket around your body or wrapping it around a child can protect them from flames.

Most fire blankets come in a small, brightly colored pouch that is easy to find if and when you need it. The pouch comes with a grommet to hang it in a convenient location so it can be easily used.

  • Small blankets measure roughly 1.0 square meter (about 10.75 square feet) and weigh about a pound which can smother a small kitchen fire and a small clothing fire.

  • Medium blankets measure about 1.2 square meters (about 15.45 square feet), weigh about a pound and a half can smother larger kitchen fires and small clothing fires.

  • Large blankets measure about 1.2 by 1.8 meters (about 23.22 square feet) weigh over two pounds are good for clothing fires, and workplace fires, and are large enough to wrap around an adult.

  • Fire blankets measuring 1.8 square meters (about 34.8 square feet) and weighing more than three pounds are intended for places like commercial kitchens or workshops. Fire blankets don’t typically come in sizes larger than this. A larger, heavier blanket is more challenging to control, and a poorly placed blanket can be ineffective at cutting off a fire’s oxygen supply.

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