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2023 Preparedness - Wednesday Wisdom: Week 49

December 6, 2023

Last week we saved money by making freezer meals. This week we save money on Christmas. Our children all loved opening gifts in their stockings. Stocking stuffers are abundant at a dollar store.

With the advent of many stores that sell items for $1.25, filling a stocking has never been easier.

Baseball caps: Children can have fun decorating the caps - which are solid colors - with a stencil, or splatter paint them. A child may also enjoy making them for friends.

Crayons, coloring books, puzzles, playing cards, beach balls, and crossword puzzles: All of these can be found for $1.25 and can provide hours of distraction time.

Pencils, 12/$1.25 and Notepads 3/$1.25:

LED push light and or flashlight: All kids love flashlights and push lights are perfect for forts or other “secret” hideouts.

Tools, $1.00: Screwdriver sets, mini screwdriver sets, levels, and measuring tapes are all fun for future construction contractors, interior designers, and architects to receive.

Toothbrushes with cap 3/$1.25 and a family-size toothpaste also $1.25 and of course dental floss. Toothbrushes were always included in our stockings.

Five glow bracelets or 2 glow sticks, your choice $1.25: Glow bracelets are the perfect way to provide a little light at night for children and a great way to keep track of them in a crowd. Glow sticks can provide safe light without running down precious batteries. Kids love them!

Magnifier reading glasses: These are perfect for viewing bugs and playing detective.

Sunglasses: These are great for dress-up boxes so girls of all ages can look glamorous.

Nail polish and lotions: Girls of every age love these.

Toys: There are lots of options from small games to Hot Wheels and generic Legos.

Chalk: Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk?

You do not have to spend a large sum of money to assemble a great Christmas stocking for each family member.

Prices are going up, and in a few months, even these stores may have to adjust their selection or raise prices. Just as one day not long ago there were still stores called "The Five and Dime," I am sad to say that soon there may be new interest in the old $2 bill for such stores as these.

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