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2024 Preparedness - Week 14: Calendar Week 13

Week 13 - April 1



Get out the notes you made on Saturday listing the items in each room in your home. Walk through each room and compare your notes to the actual things in the room. Make a game of it and see who remembered the contents of the room the best.



It’s time for an inventory. Begin today by inventorying the kitchen. You can inventory by listing every item or simply by walking around with a camera or video camera.

For every room's inventory be sure to open every door and drawer.



Time to inventory the family room. If the time should come that you lose your home to a natural disaster or fire an inventory will speed up the insurance claims process and help you remember everything you owned.



1.      Have you made arrangements for the care of your pets should you have to evacuate?

2.      Do you have a plan to communicate with family and extended family during an


3.     Do you know how to save water during a drought?



Inventory the bathrooms. Be sure you are getting pictures of all light fixtures and everything hanging on the walls in all rooms. Don’t forget the flooring and door knobs and even the cabinet pulls.



Inventory bedrooms. Get the children involved and make sure they get everything out from under the beds.

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