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2024 Preparedness - Week 18: Calendar Week 17

Week 17 April 29th 


Because children can be trafficked while still living at home with parents unaware of what is happening knowing the signs that trafficking may be occurring is an absolute necessity.

There could be a problem if you notice:

  • Withdrawing

  • With a new onset of anxiety or depression

  • Self-harm

  • Developing eating disorders

  • Sudden change in grades or involvement in school

  • Developing a new friend group or a controlling romantic relationship

  • New expensive gifts or unexplained sums of money appearing

  • Unexplained aches and pains

  • Sexually transmitted infections



What can help you detect trafficking when you are out and about or in those within your or your child’s circle of friends?

  • Does the person appear disconnected from family, friends, community organizations, or houses of worship?

  • Has the person had a sudden or dramatic change in behavior?

  • Has a child stopped attending school?

  • Is a juvenile engaged in commercial sex acts?

  • Is the person disoriented or confused, or showing signs of mental abuse?

  • Does the person have bruises in various stages of healing?

  • Is the person fearful, timid, or submissive?

  • Does the person show signs of having been denied food, water, sleep, or medical care?

  • Is the person often in the company of someone to whom he or she defers? Does the person they are with seem to be in control of the situation, such as where they go or who they talk to?

  • Does the person appear to be coached on what to say?

  • Is the person living in unsuitable conditions?

  • Does the person lack personal possessions and appear not to have a stable living situation?

  • Does the person lack freedom of movement? Can the person freely leave where they live or go to a restroom without being accompanied? Are there unreasonable security measures?

Not all indicators listed above are present in every human trafficking situation. Even two or three are reasons to become concerned and to do more investigation.


Make a list of emergency phone numbers and place it by each phone in your home. Add a copy to your binder under the Evacuation section.


Create a list with the following phone numbers: Police, Fire, Doctors, Dentist, Optometrist, Hospital, Veterinarian, Schools, Mom and Dad’s cell phone and work numbers, Family member who is close by, Neighbor, Clergy, and Poison Control and Out of area contact.

Having these posted will make life much simpler during an emergency when you cannot remember a number. You will forget even the most commonly used numbers.

This list is also important for a babysitter. Be sure to put your address at the bottom of the list. If a non-family member should have to call for help they will need your address.



1.     Have you cleaned your gutters?

2.     Are furnace vents cleaned?

3.     Are doors and windows clear of obstructions for easy exit?

4.     Does your family know how to open the garage door in a power outage?



Place child locks on all lower cupboard doors where medicines, chemicals, cleaners, or sharp items are stored. You may think this is not important if you do not have young children but we all have family and friends who visit with young kids. Some locks can be adjusted so they are not engaged all the time but can be easily activated when company is on the way. They are also a must-have in earthquake country as they will keep items inside the cupboard when the ground starts shaking.



Make all meals today from food storage. You cannot use fresh fruits and veggies purchased from the store.

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