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Add Canola Oil to the List

Isn't this a gorgeous photo? Did you know this is where we get canola oil? Our agriculture experts, farmers and manufacturers of food products are telling us canola oil will soon be in short supply and the prices will sky rocket. Why? For the same reason Oats are in short supply and the price is going up, the drought. Canola is a dry farm crop meaning it is not irrigated and it depends on rain. No rain, no or reduced crop.

Please do not run out and purchase gallons of canola oil. Oil has a limited shelf life and most food storage program advise storing far more than you will use before it goes rancid. Simply consider how much you normally use in 3-6 months and take advantage of lower prices now. You may even find it on sale now, but not in 2-3 months. We always try to give you warning of price increases or disasters as soon as we receive it so you can prepare in the most cost efficient way. Last spring we warned blueberry prices were going to go up dramatically. Today I priced a bag of frozen blueberries I paid $6.99 for a few months ago, and today they were $9.99.

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