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Happy New Year! 2022 Kick Off...

Happy New Year and happy Monday challenge day!!!

We're giving you a "week off" this week. Why the quotes? Because we may not be giving you a new challenge, but we're giving you the opportunity to catch up from 2021. So if you haven't been replenishing your food supply through the holidays - do that this week. It's really important to have a 3 month supply of food and other general store items in your home - don't neglect the replenishment part of the program.

Starting next Monday - we are going to be starting a 3 part challenge for 2022. Each part will be 16-17 weeks long and will cover other aspects of preparedness than we have covered in the last few years. There will be a lot of documents through this year and we will be making them available on our website If you miss a week here on FB you can either look back through the cover images or go to for all the information.

Speaking of our blog - if you're wanting to repeat last year's challenges with food and general store - you need to go to the blog, look up 2021 Weekly Challenge, and start at week 1 this week - no week off in that program.

We give away a lot of resources every year because we want as many people prepared as possible, but we also have many more resources and in depth information that can be purchased for minimal cost on our website shop. Check it out when you can. Having the year long challenges in one PDF is a lot easier than looking up archived blog articles. Plus we have new material like our Totally Ready Binder which will get you organized in case you ever go through a serious disaster.

Get organized and caught up this week - next week the new challenges start! Happy New Year!


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