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Helping With Clean-up After a Hurricane or Flood

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

When you are aiding in cleanup after a disaster assume nothing will be provided for you to use. Bring as much of your own equipment as possible.

What to Bring:

Number one: A positive attitude, a sense of humor and patience. This work will be hot and dirty and your muscles will ache but your spirits will soar as you serve others.

· Axes.

· Boots. Bring all you have to share.

· Brooms: especially push brooms.

· Buckets.

· Chainsaw with fuel.

· Clothes pins and rope for drying papers, photos, rags and clothing.*

· Disinfectants: Bleach and clean water and buckets to mix them or a commercial disinfectant.

· Dremel type tool for cutting dry wall.

· Fire extinguishers.

· First aid kits.

· Folding chairs. You will need breaks and so will the survivors.

· Folding tables. To sort and to hold equipment and tools.

· Goggles.

· Hard hats.

· Insect repellant.

· Gloves medical: For delicate tasks.

· Gloves, rubber: For wet cleanup

· Gloves, work. Bring extra and people forget these. They will also get coated with mud and become of less use.

· N95 masks: purchase at pharmacy stores.

· Notebook and pens: for inventory, make lists of items needed or to leave notes for those coming to check on you, including first responders.

· Paper towels and rags.

· Plastic bags: small resealable

· Plastic bags: large trash

· Pitch forks

· Port-a-potty and TP

· Radio: it’s good to stay informed.

· Rope.

· Shade structures such as patio umbrellas and dining tents.

· Shovels: Flat are best.

· Socks: wet socks should be changed often.

· Sunglasses.

· Sunscreen.

· Tarps: good for covering salvaged items and to haul debris.

· Tool kits.

· Water, lunch and snacks for yourself and to share.

· Water for cleaning.

· Wet wipes: for when you take a break to eat or just to freshen up.

· Wheelbarrow.

*More information about cleanup can be found in your Totally Ready Emergency Binder. If you do not already own one they can be found on the Totally Ready "shop" page.

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