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It's Time to Step Up Our Efforts to Become Self-Reliant

We thought gas prices were out of control when gas was $3.40 per gallon a few weeks ago. Today the average gas price nationally is at $3.83 per gallon, up 11 cents over night. Diesel is up 14 cents a gallon over night with the average price $4.60 per gallon. In California diesel is up to $5.15 per gallon. Why is that important? Remember California grows more food than any other state meaning much of what you are eating if you live in the United States and to a smaller rate, tho still meaningful rate in Canada. Now it will cost much more to transport your food since truckers will be fueling up in California. California also has the largest amount of products coming thru ports into the United States. Again, to get medications, clothing, furniture, etc. etc. from foreign countries truckers will deliver them after fueling up in California. The message, purchase now before those increases are passed along to consumers.

Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe. Because of the Russian invasion wheat, sunflower and corn prices are skyrocketing. The Russians have taken over the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. They can now easily shut down power to Ukraine. Many are now talking more openly about Putin's intentions. Will he move into other former communist countries and those with historically Russian connections? Remember even before we entered World War II although not involved in the war itself we were affected as supplies became limited and prices skyrocketed.

Stocks are down about 2000 points since the beginning of the year. It is down 500 points as I write. This means losses for all of those with a 401K, IRA and/or pension.

Income is up 5% from before the pandemic however, inflation is at almost 10% in the last year leaving those who have experienced raises with 5% less buying power. If you have not received a raise your buying power has really gone down.

I know someone will comment on this post saying it is fear mongering. So be it. I remind you of the message we have lived by for the past 20 years. "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.(Marie Curie) This post is only meant to educate and inform you in a way you may not have considered as you watch the news.

You can do hard things! You can prepare even tho it will be harder to get some supplies and it will be more expensive. Supplies may become even harder to find and food more expensive but we can stay ahead of those increases by continuing and increasing our efforts. If you need help with specifics please ask. Together we can prepare and thrive not just survive.

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