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Latest Hits to the Budget: Shortages

Taste of Home asked their facebook readers if they are experiencing food shortages at their grocery store, and more than 2,000 people commented. A majority of respondents confirmed they are. Some of these may be caused by children returning to school and taking lunches. Juices and lunchables were mentioned and in the stores here it's also Hot Pockets. Other items we have already discussed and warned about. Flour, Pasta and bread, due to the wheat shortages. Meat we already know about. Then there is TP, paper towels and bottled water. There should be no shortage of these items except that people are remembering how difficult it has been to get these the past 20 months. Costco is limiting the number of thee items that can be purchased. Again this year, as last a shortage of pumpkin is expected. Why are we reviewing this list? The holidays are coming. As you find a good deal on any of these items, stock up. If you see pumpkin buy it now. If you bake stock up now on flour and any other ingredients you will need for your favorite Christmas traditions.

It's not just food and fuel that are experiencing higher prices. The price of cotton has gone up 38% this year. If you will be buying clothing or other cotton items for holiday gifts buy them now.

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