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Light Bulb Moment

Remember the phase, "It's like a light bulb came on and I could see things clearly"? I seem to be having these moments more often and I will be sharing more of them with you. We will even set aside a separate category so you can find them more quickly. A survey taken this week found 88% of respondents feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. Maybe it's time to talk more about becoming self-reliant with our friends and family who formerly thought we were crazy.

As you should know by now we have moved to Texas. We have discovered groceries, especially meat, is more expensive here. Some of this could be because there are no discount grocery stores in our area. Since we need to eat, food options and rebuilding our food storage have become a top priority. Texas is hot and experiencing a "exceptional drought", the absolute worst rating. I have asked those who have lived here awhile for gardening tips. Most are not gardening. Last night a light bulb moment!

I love the show Homestead Rescue. I do not homestead but I love to watch the creativity using items around them and tips for easy ways to make things work. I remembered the council to place straw under the soil to retain the water and keep the ground around roots moist longer. I am going to add that concept to my attempts to plant a garden here. I will even use this concept for flowers and food planted in pots.

Other organic materials you can use are: Worm castings, Leaf mold, Shredded bark, Mushroom compost, Grass clippings, and Perlite. Many of these also add nutrients that your plants need. Burying unglazed terra cotta pots in the soil with the lip sticking just out of the soil surface also allows moisture to be retained in the pot keeping the soil moist. However, pots can be expensive. Instead, try poking holes in plastic water bottles, soda bottles or plastic milk cartons and burying them in the soil near plants with the bottle top sticking out of the soil. Fill the bottles with water and place the lid on the bottle to slow evaporation. The seepage of the water from the holes will reduce the water needed.

Please share gardening tips that have worked for you.

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