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Time for a Chart Update

It's time for a new chart and update. We are getting closer to our goals each day as boxes arrive. Thank you. Keep them coming!

Reminder for anyone new...Please study the chart when mailing ornaments. Find your state. If there are less than 500 ornaments from your state in all locations please send ornaments to all locations. If there are 500 in some locations but not all send to those under 500. If all locations have 500 or more from your state again, if possible send to all areas

As we prepare to serve survivors in Florida, Kentucky, and Alabama this year we are looking ahead to next year and choosing survivors to serve. We can only serve in areas where we have coordinators willing to help organize, collect, and distribute ornaments and to work with media and organizations that are supporting survivors. If you know of someone, or if you live in an area ravaged by a disaster and are will to coordinate for 2024 please reach out to us.

Operation Christmas Ornaments Attn: Beth 1510 Tullahoma Drive, Prattville, AL 36066 Operation Christmas Ornaments Attn: Imogene 1489 Whooping Drive, Groveland, FL 34736 Operation Christmas Ornaments Attn: Laura 22 Stoney Brook Drive. Winchester, KY 40391

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