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We're Growing!

UPDATE: I haven't changed the map yet but we turned Michigan

green! That brings our total to 32 states! That's amazing! Thank you all.

Kentucky! Latest state to turn red. Thank you for all the cute ornaments. Still need to get those grey states to turn green and then red! As a reminder. The green states are state where someone has joined our quest but be aware in some of those states we just have one person so every state is a place to invite more friends. The red states are states where we have received ornaments. In some cases it is only a dozen or less so far but we really appreciate every single one! The grey states are states where we do not have any members or if we do we are not aware of them.I know many are working on ornaments and I'm excited to see them as you send them in. Remember please send half to Kentucky and half to Colorado.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those once again suffering in Kentucky. That poor state has really gotten hit with awful disasters the past three years. We love you Kentucky!

Operation Christmas Ornaments

Attn: Laura

22 Stoney Brook Drive

Winchester, KY 40391


Operation Christmas Ornaments

Attn: Carol

11310 Fenton St.

Westminster, CO 8002

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