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Wheat Crisis

We have been warning you that wheat prices will soon soar and wheat products will become scarce. Ukraine supplies much of Africa and they cannot ship due to a Russian blockade. Now we hear from wheat growers here that the drought has resulted in crops failing. Many farmers are not able to harvest any wheat, none. The expectation is this crisis will cause many, many, starvation deaths not only in Africa but around the world and even here in the United States. I hope you are storing grains and learning to use them more effectively. Can you bake bread? Can you make tortillas which can be used as wraps to substitute for bread? Consider mixes now, pancake, muffin, cornbread, anything that can be used to replace bread. Cereals use wheat. Do you have oatmeal stored to replace cold cereals? If you love cream of wheat that price will go up and availability will be affected. What about cake? We always encourage storing desserts. We even include a few weeks in our 52 week plan to store desserts. Think cake and brownie mixes. Bottom line, prepare for wheat shortages.

Update: The agriculture dept. for the state of Kansas has announced the wheat crop is down 50% in that state.

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