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2022 Preparedness - Part 3: Week 36

Week 36 September 12

This week let’s get creative. You can run out and purchase a rocket stove or you can make your own stove which is safe to use in your home during a power outage for much less. Paint can stoves can also be used as a heater during a cold weather outage. Two for one! This week purchase:

· 1 One gallon paint can (new of course)

· 1 quart isopropyl alcohol

· 1 roll toilet paper

· Matches

All should cost less than $10.00

If you cannot afford the paint can a #10 can may be used.

1. Remove the cardboard roll from the toilet paper (save it for use in a few weeks).

2. Squash the TP and fit it into the can.

3. Place lid on the paint can.

4. Store can, matches and alcohol together.

5. When ready to use place on fire resistant surface, soak the TP with the alcohol and light. Replace the lid to extinguish the flame. Toilet paper will not burn and can be used several times by adding new alcohol. If using a #10 can extinguish the flame by placing a skillet or other metal object larger than the can over the flame. The lack of oxygen will kill the flame. Be sure to let the can cool down or use oven mitts when moving.

6. Place in a room designated as the room to live in and keep warm during an outage when using as a heater.

7. If using as a stove place a cooling rack or oven rack on top of the paint can and add a pot or pan. The cooking pot will become very, very hot so food will need to be closely monitored. Paint can stove/heater should be used only by adults.

This device is perfect for those living in an apartment. They are cheap to make, easy to store, and safe to use indoors.

Directions for Paint Can Stove/Heater can also be found in your Totally Ready Binder.

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