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2024 Preparedness - Week 12: Calendar Week 11

Week 11 March 18  Evacuation Week



Collect maps of your area and your Out-of-Area Contact. Mark each map with several routes out of your neighborhood and to your final destination. Each route should be highlighted in a different color. GPS will often not be working during a disaster.



Add $20 to your Five-Day kit, all in $1 and $5 bills. You will access this during an evacuation and have it available when dealing with unexpected medical needs, job loss, fire, or other disaster.



Place a flashlight or other non-electric light source, whistle, car keys, and sturdy shoes next to all beds. In case of a nighttime fire or night evacuation, you will be happy to have these readily accessible.



1.     Does your family know how to turn off the water into the house?

2.     Does your family know how to turn off the gas into the house?

3.     Does your family know how to turn off the electricity to the house?

4.     Do you keep your gas tank half full?



Organize all prescription and over-the-counter medications you use daily into one place so they can be easily grabbed when you need to evacuate.



Load the car/cars with items you will be taking if you have time when evacuating. You don’t need to move all items just place tubs the correct size in the vehicles. Don’t forget Five-Day kits and clothing and don’t forget to save room for pets. Now, load in the people. I ask you to do this because one of the saddest stories I have heard was from a woman who had her car loaded with family heirlooms and there was no room for the dogs. After putting the dogs in the car and leaving the heirlooms behind her home burned and she lost everything. If you need more room now is the time to invest in roof racks or a small trailer.

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